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An executive risk
management methodology
for the non-financial sector
instruments valuation

Risk management

Disruptive pricing
Disruptive in the way of doing things
Up to 70% less!

IFRS 9, the new regulatory compliance

Classification and valuation of financial instruments.

Calculation of credit risk impairment.

An executive risk management methodology for the non-financial sector.

The usual methodology of measurement, control and risk management is:

Heavy, intense, slow, complex, expensive .......... regulations. 100 page reports!

We have designed a methodology for the non-financial sector:

Agile, direct, fast, simple, aesthetic, cheap and executive ......... .. ready for decision making. One page only!


The economic balance of the company

Exposures to different risks and their potential losses:

  • Interest rate
  • Currency
  • Real state
  • Commercial
  • Equities
  • Commodities
  • Inventory
  • Financial counterparty

Two new ratios, which relate potential losses to economic capital and the annual budget:

  • Serfiex risk appetite = PL / EC (Potential Loss / Economic Capital). Measures the impact of potential losses on economic capital.

  • Serfiex budget confidence = 100% - PL / BP (Potential Loss / Budgeted Profit). Estimate the degree of confidence that we can place in the fulfillment of the budget.

The quarterly evolution of surplus, exposures, potential losses and ratios.

Analysis of solvency and resistance to extreme situations that occur in financial markets every 6 or 8 years. Analysis What if.

Situation of risk limits.

Useful and broad-spectrum executive report. In a single page you will find the relevant information for all interested parties (cfo, ceo, audit committee, shareholders, supervisors, financial analysts, ...)

It's enough with one person / one day of work
Simple things are extraordinary!

Decision making

"The measurement and control of financial risks are one of our best executive tools for decision taking. SERFIEX risk management methodology for companies and the professional way of implementing it help us in this task."
D. Javier Hernani Burzako CEO BME (Spanish exchanges and markets)

"A modern and efficient management in a company includes a rigorous Risk Management practice. SERFIEX can help a lot"
D. Santiago Fernández Valbuena Vice President EBN Banco. Formerly President Telefónica Latinoamerica and Telefónica's Board Member

"It is necessary to promote a business culture where the risk should be taken into account in all decisions and into all levels of the company."
CNMV. Technical Guide 3/2017 on Audit Commissions of Public Interest Entities


Puede contratar el servicio o la herramienta Riskco Corporate con la que podrá hacer más cosas:

  • Completar, estandarizar, organizar y actualizar toda la información necesaria en un tiempo récord
  • Desagregar de forma inmediata el Balance Económico en diferentes niveles: (filiales, países, monedas, contrapartes, tipos de instrumentos, etc.)
  • Valorar periódicamente a precios de mercado (mark-to-model) todos los instrumentos financieros que estén en su balance
  • Negociar el precio de los instrumentos financieros en igualdad de condiciones, con las mismas calculadoras e información, que las entidades financieras. La práctica habitual de pedir tres cotizaciones es una aproximación ingenua
Universal service

Very large, large, medium and small companies.

All countries, all currencies.


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