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An executive risk management methodology for the non-financial sector
We have designed a risk measurement and management methodology that ensures that non-financial companies have a simple, complete and homogeneous photo of their current situation for management, supervisors, shareholders, the audit committee, employees and the analysts, in less than 15 days and are ready to act on the risk limits.
Once the risks are monitored and well quantified, the company is ready to act on them with the following benefits:
  • All the people involved handle the same data and, at a glance, identify those risks that may jeopardize the company's equity and results
  • They establish exposure limits to the different risk and debt limits based on unbiased data and in line with the true risk appetite of the shareholders
  • They manage these limits. Many undesired restructurings have been motivated by not establishing limits to the main risks. There are always examples with less dramatic consequences but the important fact is that they could have been avoided or mitigated.

The non-financial sector can obtain rapid and important benefits by modernizing the valuation, measurement, control and management of financial risks.

Financial management is improved, potential losses are minimized, severe losses are virtually eradicated, uncertainty about future return from the core business is reduced and consequently the company is worth more and investors recognize it.

This methodology uses the Riskcocorporate tool created by Serfiex, the leading risk management company in Spain, with more than 25 years of experience.

Riskcocorporate is a new tool that transfers and adapts technology and knowledge from the financial sector to the opposite side of the value chain, the non-financial sector.

Riskcocorporate is risk management focused on non-financial companies, straight to the point, simplified to the maximum and aimed at improving decision-making.

Information is easily accessible and fully organized
  • The information on the assets and liabilities that create the economic balance sheet is completed, standardized, organized and updated.
  • Accessible via internet, one click is enough to disaggregate the economic balance in subsidiaries, currencies, countries, counterparts ...
  • Assets and liabilities are valued periodically.
Input information

Loading information from the parent company and / or subsidiaries.

Through a standardized excel because even those companies that use a powerful ERP have this information in excel. In the case of companies with subsidiaries in other countries, we have verified how standardizing this information has been very useful for them.

Balance Attributes
Clients and suppliers Currency and maturity
Real estate and inventory Currency and country
Cash Currency, country and issuer
Purchased or issued bonds Currency, maturity, issuer, fixed, variable, interest, reference index (in the world the casuistry is enormous), margin, periodicity, cap, floor, optionality
Loans Same as above plus partial repayment schedule
Forex Short and long currency, maturity, counterparty, spread, agreed rate
Swaps Currencies, maturity, counterparty, spread, fixed rate, periodicity, variable rate, periodicity, reference, margin, amortizations
Take a look at the tool
Valuation of financial instruments
Disruptive in prices.
  • Regulatory Compliance IFRS9
  • Classification and valuation of financial instruments.
  • Calculation of impairment due to credit risk.

Serfiex has been valuing illiquid, complex and very complex financial instruments for the financial industry for more than 20 years.

Excellence in financial management

In a second stage SERFIEX can help you:

  • Reflect deeply on current exposures to different risks
  • Taking perspective
  • Asking sharp questions
  • Consider and understand other different points of view

Recompose exposures to different risks and reallocate new risk and debt limits based on unbiased data and in line with the true risk appetite of the shareholders is a strategic consulting process that can bring a lot of value to your company.


Duration: 1 hour
Next date:

Price: 300 EUR
Duration: 6 hours
Next date:
“A Todo Riesgo” Program
Capital Radio

A program made by SERFIEX to be aware of the risks of your company.


"The measurement and control of financial risks is one of our best executive tools for decision making. The" risk management "methodology for SERFIEX corporations and the professionalism of its implementation is helping us in this task."

Mr. Javier Hernani Burzako CEO BME (Spanish stock exchanges and markets)

"A modern and effective management in a corporation includes a rigorous practice of Risk Management. SERFIEX can help a lot."

Mr. Santiago Fernández Valbuena Vice President EBN Bank. Formerly President Telefónica Latinoamerica and advisor of Telefónica

"It is necessary to foster a business culture in which risk is a factor that is taken into account in all decisions and at all levels in companies."

CNMV Technical Guide 3/2017 on Audit Commissions of Public Interest Entities
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